Autopilot (PX4) Firmware Update

Latest Version

Version Number



Release Notes

  • Increased maximum airspeed from 47mph to 55mph.

  • Increased maximum distance between waypoints from 2500m to 3000m.

  • Improved landing performance.


PHX Aircraft

PHX Battery


Windows Computer

Ethernet Cable (Recommended)

How to Update

Download Update File


Assemble and Power On

Assemble the PHX and the CommsBox.

Power the aircraft and CommsBox.


Connect to CommsBox

Connect the laptop to the CommsBox.

It is highly recommended that the CommsBox is connected via Ethernet cable.

Open and Connect to Fly PHX

Open Fly PHX and verify the connection to the aircraft.


Run Update File

Double click the download file to start the firmware update.

Use “more info” and “Run anyway” if these screens appear.

Allow Update to Execute

a terminal window will open and display these prompts.


First the old firmware is erased from the autopilot.

Then the new firmware will start being written to the autopilot.


Once the programming is complete a verification check is run.

The the autopilot is rebooted.

Verify Update Is Complete

Once the aircraft reboots the firmware update will be complete.

Close Fly PHX and Reopen.

This will prompt the firmware checker to rerun and get the latest system information.

Verify Firmware Version

Verify the shown firmware version matches the version downloaded.