Senthawk (CommsBoard) Firmware Update

Latest Version


Version Number



Release Notes

  • Adds Remote ID support.

  • Updated branding.


PHX Aircraft


PHX Battery





Windows Computer



Ethernet Cable (Recommended)



How To Update

Download the firmware update file.



Unzip the folder.



Open the unzipped folder.



Assembly and power on the PHX.

Assembly and power on the CommsBox.


Connect the CommsBox to the laptop

Ethernet connection recommended)



Open Fly PHX and connect.



Double click on update.bat to run the updater.

Fly PHX will enunciate communications lost. This is expected.


A terminal window will appear and display update dialog.


Allow the update to execute.


Verify the update has completed.


Close Fly PHX and Reopen.

This allows the automated firmware check to run.


Verify Firmware Version

Gear Tab > Summary > Airframe > Senthawk is the version listed at the top of this page.